Flipping the Fairytale

by Cindi Laree

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Disenchanted with the search for Prince Charming and tired of kissing frogs?

You’re struggling to find your Prince Charming, soul mate, or dream guy and are

tired of dating all the wrong men. Or maybe you haven’t even been able to find the

wrong men to date. Are your dreams of a passionate Happily Ever After fading

quickly? Look no further! In six simple steps, transform your dating persona and

learn to find and attract the dream-come- true relationship so you can have your

fairytale ending. Author Cindi Laree takes you through her six-step process in which

you can laugh, learn from the mishaps she encountered while kissing Frogs, running

from Dragons, mistaking Knights in Shining Armor for the Prince, and discover how

to find your own passionate Happily Ever After. In Flipping the Fairytale, you’ll


  • Where to find quality men in your kingdom
  • How to spot Frogs, Dragons, and Village Idiots
  • What to look for while screening potential suitors
  • How to attract Prince Charming
  • How to easily create your dream-come- true relationship

Do not delay. Join Cindi as Enchanted meets Match.com to find a prince and create

your Happily Ever After today.

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About Author


Cindi Laree is a hopeless romantic turned intuitive life coach. She grew up in a small town in northern Arizona playing dress up with her friends as a child and singing along to Air Supply and New Kids on the Block in her teens. In college, she studied Theatre and Cinematic Arts, again dedicating her time and energy to make-believe. In 2012 Cindi’s divorce was final after 13 years of marriage, at the time she so desperately wanted start over and to have a fairytale romance and live a passion filled Happily Ever After. Over the course of the last five years, she has developed and practiced “The Six Magic Keys to Unlocking Your Relationship Potential”. In January of 2017 Cindi transitioned to intuitive life coaching on a full-time basis. She has a gift for helping her clients unlock their sacred gifts and recognizing their passionate potential.

Cindi currently resides in Gilbert, AZ with her three children. When Cindi is not coaching, she enjoys playing coed softball and supporting her children in their various activities.

If you have questions about your relationships or would like to work with Cindi please contact her at cindi@cindilaree.com.

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